Mario Lopez and Steve Martorano's Bromance

Mario Lopez and Steve Martorano's Bromance

Looks like Mario Lopez and Steve Martorano have themselves a little "bromance" going on. The X Factor host who will always be known as A.C. Slater to us, started up a friendship while taping the Kris Jenner Show last month.

Of course, when Lopez found himself hungry and in Fort Lauderdale this past Saturday, he had to pay a visit to Cafe Martorano, where he dined on many dishes, including the eggplant stack that Martorano had made on Jenner's television talker.

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Mario Lopez and Steve Martorano's Bromance

"I'm so full my stomach is pushing on my lungs - I can't even breathe!" Lopez Tweeted

Lopez then Tweeted pictures of his veal and lobster dishes, and noted that "Goodfellas" was playing in the background:

As for Martorano? The restaurateur sent the love right back, Tweeting:


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