Merry Christmas! Santa Brought Strawberries! (Burr's Berry Farm in Miami Now Open for Strawberry Season)

Burr's Berry Farm in Miami is a South Florida tradition--lines at the 45-year-old strawberry stand are always long, and customers are rapturous over the fresh strawberry shakes, strawberry shortcakes, strawberry jam, and pretty much strawberry everything.

The season usually runs from

Christmas to Mother's Day (according to urban legend, the most loyal customers can pick up the first batches from Mrs. Burr's house on Christmas Day), but they opened up a few weeks early

this year, so you can get your strawberry fix. The stand is

closed on Christmas Day, but according to Kathy Burr, "We're expecting

lots of people to show up Sunday." New this year is a garden where

people can enjoy their shakes and hot dogs, instead of wolfing them down

in the parking lot.

If you ask me, this is one drive worth

making. Strawberries are a little like tomatoes: you just can't get a

decent one in the grocery store. Sure, the grocery store strawberry

might look good, but that's kind of like saying Heidi Montag is hot. If

you like bulgy and tasteless, fine. Otherwise, get the real thing.

Burr's Berry Farm
12741 SW 216th St.
(305) 251-0145

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