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More Bounce to the Ounce

Perhaps the last thing you'd expect to see next to a coffeehouse might be a Bounce House -- you know, the puffy plastic piece of playground equipment that kids like to jump up and down in. But Cheryl Chamely, proprietor of the Trinidadian coffee shop Café Juvay (9395 W. Sample Rd., Coral Springs, 954-227-1522), occasionally blows one up on weekends and sets it up outside next to her patio tables. She also fires up a barbecue for some authentic island treats. On weekdays, when grilling is out of the question, hospitality remains, sweetly paired with items like the Juvay Royale -- assorted fresh fruit blended with cream of wheat and ice -- and Trinidadian fudge. But the combo of smoky chicken and pint-size entertainment results in such a festive atmosphere that it's an irresistible perfect Sunday outing, as long as you follow the rules: Cappuccino in the coffeehouse, kids only in the Bounce House.


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