Movie Theater Coupons Good Through January


Movie Theater Coupons Good Through January
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Taking a trip to the movies used to be a nice, casual way to spend a Saturday evening, but now with the outrageous prices of tickets and concessions, a night at the movies has turned into a special occasion.

It's easy to spend upward of $40 for two people to enjoy a new movie. Spending that much seems crazy to me when I could just wait a few weeks and own it for $19.95. But sometimes, we just can't wait, and those stadium seats, sticky floors, and that buttered popcorn calls our names.

But with these coupons, you won't have to blow your whole paycheck just to watch Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis make out.

Free large coke with large popcorn purchase at any AMC

Free small popcorn at any Muvico 

Both of these coupons are good through January, so don't be afraid to print out a few copies!

Want to save even more money?

Most theater chains offer free rewards programs in which you can earn points when buying tickets and concessions items. After a couple of visits, the points add up, and you could receive more coupons toward free drinks, candy, popcorn, and even movie tickets.

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