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Mugs Sports Grill in Fort Lauderdale: The Name Says It All

Sometimes everything you need to know about a restaurant is in its name. Take Mugs Sports Grill. The logo on its website shows the u in Mugs as a mug full of a carbonated yellow liquid, which we will assume is beer. Then come the words Sports and Grill. What does that suggest are Mugs' priorities?

Beer. Loud, violent events featuring large men crashing into one another, played incessantly on many flat-screen TVs. And, oh yeah... food. Mugs offers a dozen beers on tap (the usual sudsy suspects), plus a selection of bottles. It boasts more than a dozen TVs blaring wall-to-wall ESPN. And its food consists mostly of burgers, sammies and — surprise! — pasta. A caesar salad confirmed my foolishness in ordering leafy greens at a "sports grill" — shredded romaine, bottled-tasting dressing, canned-tasting "Parmesan," croutons from a bag. A burger, thankfully, was better, cooked the requested medium-rare and a good deal as a $7.50 lunch special. Unfortunately, it languished so long under a heat lamp that the onion slice on top dried out and the lettuce leaf on the bun turned from green to black.

Which brings up the service. It is, shall we say, casual. If our laconic waiter were an athlete, he must have been channeling his inner tree sloth. Rah (yawn) rah! Go (snore), team, go!

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