Next Week: Greater Everglades Community Food Summit

Next Week: Greater Everglades Community Food Summit

Helping the environment can be as simple as shopping from local farmers. Just think of all the gasoline, packaging, time, and energy we waste by importing oranges from Brazil or avocados from California, when those foods grow right here close to home.

To advance the idea of a locally-based and sustainable food system, Miami-Dade College is hosting the Greater Everglades Community Food Summit on Monday and Tuesday, July 12 and 13. 

Keynote speakers include Mark Winne of the Community Food Security

Coalition, an author and expert on food sytems and policies; and Peter

McDermott, who operates a half-acre urban garden and founded Local Food Cleveland to connect food entrepreneurs in that city.

The summit will cover everything from food production to storage,

distribution, marketing, consumption and more. Farmers, chefs, and

foodies are encouraged to attend to learn about creating a localized

food system.

Think this sounds interesting? Click here for more information.

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