Opus 5 in Boca Raton Sold

Opus 5 in Boca Raton Sold

Hot on the heels of Clematis Social closing up shop, long-time South Florida restauratuer Burt Rapoport is jumping ship on his chic Boca Raton eatery Opus 5. According to the South Florida Traveler, Opus 5 had been practically giving its food away for the past few weeks, offering lunch specials for under $10 and two-course dinners for just $17. It seems those sub-$20 entrees couldn't keep the meticulously-fashioned and multi-layered ceiling up on stilts, and so Rapoport sold out to fellow restaurant guru, Lirim Jacobi. Jacobi's other ventures include the riotous chain of Greek eateries Taverna Opa, and - wouldn't you know it - he's already looking to up the merrymaking quotient at his newly aquired digs: he'll be bringing in a DJ to liven things up for the late dining crowd. Let's just hope he doesn't take to shattering Opus' rather nice plates on the dining room floor. [South Florida Traveler]

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