Order Up: Nu-Sushi and Sushi Simon

Beautiful presentation and fresh fish combine at Sushi Simon in Boynton Beach.
Beautiful presentation and fresh fish combine at Sushi Simon in Boynton Beach.
John Linn

Good Japanese food is rare in South Florida, despite the proliferation of sushi joints scattered into practically every neighborhood strip mall. But this week, we look at two restaurants, Nu-Sushi in Coral Springs and Boynton Beach's Sushi Simon, that are bucking the trend of boring sushi and bad maki rolls.

Nu-Sushi is, in fact, not new. Rather, it's been serving authentic Japanese hot dishes and both nationally and locally sourced sushi for almost 20 years.

The menu is so extensive, it's difficult to decide whether to order yakitori, yaki-soba, or yakinasu. Luckily, prices are very reasonable

and the plates are small and sharable in typical izakaya fashion, so you can make selections liberally and share with friends.

At Sushi Simon, the focus shifts from hot dishes to impeccably fresh

seafood served in creative ways. My favorite dish might be a

thin-sliced usuzukuri

of local mutton snapper that, according to our waitress, came fresh

off the boat just an hour before. The chefs there draped it in a

wasabi-ponzu sauce and scattered scallion and cilantro around the plate. In the center was a mound of spicy tuna that mixed perfectly with the delicate, thin snapper.

Thinking about both of these eateries is making me long for sushi.

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