Order Up: Wild Olives by Todd English

Order Up: Wild Olives by Todd English
C. Stiles

This week in Dish, we review Wild Olives in Boca Raton, a collaboration between celebrity chef Todd English and local restaurateurs Lirim Jacobi and Dixon Li. A spinoff of English's premier, Italian/Mediterranean eatery, Olives, the Boca restaurant took over where the celebrated Opus 5 left off in the Boca Center last November. Since then, English has opened a second, more casual branch of Wild Olives in West Palm Beach's CityPlace.

In our initial impressions of Wild Olives, we were tough on the amateurish service and confused staff and critical of some poorly balanced dishes. Check out our final assessment of the restaurant in the full review, now online.

Additional reading: This profile of English in the Boston Globe that suggests things might not be so great in the chef's towering restaurant empire.  

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