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Osteria Acqua & Farina: Small Place, Interesting Pies

Osteria Acqua & Farina: Small Place, Interesting Pies

Osteria Acqua & Farina is the new concept from Giovanni Rocchio, owner of Valentino's Cucina Italiana. The restaurant, which opened in June of this year, in the former space of Valentino's, is Rocchio's causal adaptation of his renowned high-end Italian restaurant.

The menu is comprised of classic Italian fare: sauteed calamari salad, lasagna, veal chop milanese, red and white pizzas. Like Valentino's, all of these dishes take on an elevated twist. The calamari salad is served over kale. The lasagna is layered with béchamel. The pizzas are served with a wide array of ingredients and distinctive cheeses.

Rocchio decided to open Osteria because of the wood-burning oven on the premises. He felt like Fort Lauderdale was in need of a good Italian pizza place.

"I want people to able to have a great place of pasta with a casual atmosphere," says Rocchio.

Osteria Acqua & Farina has closely followed Rocchio's goals. The small space -- holding about 14 tables inside -- has a warm, contemporary atmosphere. From the dining room, guests can peer into the open kitchen to hear chefs hurriedly discussing orders in Italian. It's that open interaction paired with the Italian comfort fare, that make the place feel like home.

Read the full review of Osteria Acqua & Farina here.

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