Outdoor Eats

Joe Rocco

Café Bistro (1862 N. Young Cir., Hollywood, 954-920-9299) doesn't serve pancakes, and thus won't be a part of next week's exciting Flapjack Flip-Off, our first contest to see who makes the best buttermilk pancakes in town. It does serve quite a nice breakfast otherwise, however, including fluffy four-egg omelets, a scrambled-egg burrito, and strong, organic Green Mountain coffee. Pastries are French, fancy, and sold in uniquely small portions -- you can get an almond-blueberry cream tart or pignoli tart or wedge of crème brûlée for just $1.50 to $1.75. Lunches are luscious, from crunchy-fresh salads to sandwiches on crisp French bread to a refreshing array of fruit or vegetable juices. Sit at one of the tables inside the clean, modern, mustard-and-lime colored cafe, or grab a seat outdoors overlooking picturesque (if you're blind) North Young Circle. Café Bistro does, as I've mentioned, lack pancakes, but give it time -- it's been around for only five months.

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