It's beer, in a tube!
It's beer, in a tube!

Pizza Rustica Hollywood Introduces Beer Tubes

What's long, hard, and holds about 100 ounces of ice cold beer?

Pizza Rustica's new beer tubes, of course.

These cylindrical, chemistry-beaker-looking vessels are finding their way onto tables at the pizza haven's Hollywood Boulevard location. The service device -- which is a replacement for normal beer pitchers -- may look gimmicky. But the idea behind it is simple: Beer tubes stay cold longer compared to normal pitchers of beer. They have a self-service tap on the bottom making liquid delivery a snap. And best of all, they look like bongs, which is the perfect way of attracting Hollywood's colorful denizens to your outdoor table.

Wait. Scratch that last one.

Here's a glimpse of beer tubes in action:

I can't wait to take a hit off these beer bon... er, tubes.

Pizza Rustica

1928 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood


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