Play Bingo While Barhopping in Lake Worth

Wear one of these for an extra advantage.
Wear one of these for an extra advantage.
Flickr: Devastatia

This Saturday, July 3, from 2 to 6 p.m., participants are more than welcome to wear sunbathing attire during the Beach Blanket Bingo event - in fact, any man or woman in a bikini gets to mark spot B69 at the beginning of the moveable bingo game as an advantage!

The event, hosted by the Lake Worth Neighborhood Associations Presidents' Council, takes place along Lake and Lucerne Avenues - Lake Worth's downtown strip. "Surf the Avenue's restaurants and pubs as you collect numbers for you bingo card," organizers say. Raffles, relay races, and prizes are part of the fun. Bingo Cards cost $15,00 - buying one also gets you a BBQ-style meal at both South Shores Tavern and Havana Hideout!

Get more information and bingo cards at any of these locations: Studio 205, South Shores Tavern, or Havana Hideout.

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