Price Check: Publix v. Fresh Market v. Whole Foods

Price Check: Publix v. Fresh Market v. Whole Foods

I walked past a coworker eating a beautiful spinach salad and asked her where she got it. I should have known:Fresh Market. Today, of course, was opening day.

She thought it was pricey, as do many who have never been to a Fresh Market. But more than the all-organic stuff at Whole Foods? I was curious. I decided to price check, a comparison on some basic goods. I steered clear of meats and fish, however, since sourcing makes such a difference in price.

After the jump, some surprising comparisons.

Milk: A gallon of full-fat
Publix: $3.85
Whole Foods: $3.89
Fresh Market $3.99 (organic)

Blueberries: Two pints (32 oz)
Publix: 2 for $5
Whole Foods $6.99/18 oz
Fresh Market: 2 for $5, organic 3, 6 oz for $10

Shallots: Per pound
Publix: 1.69 each, 3 per lb is $5.07
Whole Foods: $4.99
Fresh Market: $4.99 (organic)

Eggs: One dozen large, Grade A
Publix: $2.69
Whole Foods: $4.99
Fresh Market: $2.79, organic $4.39

Big House Red Wine
Publix: N/A
Whole Foods: $11.99
Fresh Market: $8.99

Heirloom Tomatoes: Per pound
Publix: $2.69 for Ugly Ripes (no full sized heirlooms)
Whole Foods: $4.99
Fresh Market: $4.98

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