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Pure Bread

On the Nation's Restaurant News list of food trends for 2002, artisanal bread came in first. I can't disagree. Artisan products, which simply means comestibles prepared at least partially by hand (as opposed to by machine), are highly worthy of the restaurant industry's respect. And artisan breads, which range from baguettes to bagels, are not only capable of starting a meal but they can define one. So, where can consumers buy artisan-style breads -- those made with whole grains, sourdough starters, and vibrant flavorings such as rosemary or olives? The easy answer is currently being baked just south of Barnes & Noble at the cozy Grains of Olde (2708 S. University Dr., the Walk, Coral Springs, 954-255-3778), bastion of the crusty loaf with the dense, chewy texture -- not to mention a well-developed inventory of cakes and pies, including a nicely tart key lime, courtesy of the master pastry chef on the premises. Certainly the name of this bakery says it all, but here's another hint: When it comes to going to the source, the nose knows.


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