Ramblin' Sub

Joe Rocco

There's always been one significant problem when ordering a six-foot sub, be it for a kid's birthday party or a special ball game: getting it into the car. Unless you own something along the long, long lines of a truck, chances are you'll be driving with the tip of hero sandwich the size of a nurse shark wedged under your chin, dripping vinaigrette down your shirt collar as if you were so much shredded lettuce. Well, smell like salad no more. When you call up for a six-foot super mixed Italian from the dependable, decades-old Mr. M's (1975 Stirling Rd., Dania Beach, 954-925-6400), keep this all-important phrase in your vocab: "I'd like that delivered, please." Depending on the delivery area, you'll be charged as little as 85 cents with a five-dollar order; anything over 30 bucks and within a three-mile radius is free. And you thought jai alai was the only truly valid reason to live in Dania.

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