Mmm, tastes like diabetes.
Mmm, tastes like diabetes.

Republicans Against Limiting Kids' Unhealthy Food Ads

Doctors along with the Obama administration have proposed a way to change childrens' diets in an effort to halt the obesity epidemic. The suggestion is to limit or ban fast-food or unhealthy ads from kids' TV shows.

Republicans have responded with a resounding "no," fearing that despite the voluntary guidelines promoted by several government agencies, companies who don't comply with the healthier standards will face government retaliation.

The Huffington Post reported on this dilemma July 6, explaining that in response, the GOP are "attempting to delay the guidelines by including a provision in next year's Federal Trade Commission budget that would require the government to study the potential costs and impacts of the guidelines before implementing them."

If these voluntary measures were imposed it could help stop American kids from eating the $110 billion worth of fast-food they currently consume each year. 

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