Restaurant Roundup: Openings/Closings in July

Dressed-up Mexican at the mall at Solo Cantina.
Dressed-up Mexican at the mall at Solo Cantina.
Wellington Green Mall

​At the end of every month, we look back and take stock of restaurants that have opened and closed. (I know we're a few days into August already; forgive us!)

Though the crowds may have migrated north for the summer and the temperature has soared, things around here aren't as languid as you might think. In fact, it looks like July has been an apt month to open a restaurant. (East End Eats owner J.P. Ottino tells us that opening in the offseason gives management wiggle room to smooth out kinks and refine details.)

The proof? Let's go to the list:

Jo Jo's Brings New Tacos to Lauderdale by the Sea (July 27)

RIP Raw Kitchen (August 5)
Kona Grill Shutters (August 3)

Anything we missed?

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