Scheduled Power Outage on Himmarshee Will Close Businesses Sunday Morning

Scheduled Power Outage on Himmarshee Will Close Businesses Sunday Morning

Restaurants and bars that align Himmarshee may not be able to open on Sunday. At 4:30 a.m the power will be cut on the street to move The Shippey House, the residence of the second judge of Broward County that had been built in 1914. The cottage will be moved

from 215 SW 7th Avenue to the area behind Brew on Himmarshee, which houses a smattering of historic buildings. 

Cut power means no morning business at the very least, which hits Old Fort Lauderdale Breakfast House, since its busiest days are weekend mornings. "Someone from the city offices told us to bake muffins the night before and sell them to people on Himmarshee the next day," said a server, "as if that makes up for a day's profit for servers and the restaurant." 

Historic Preservation County Coordinator Dave Baber, wasn't aware of the move's effect on restaurants. "it shouldn't affect businesses on the street," he said, predicting restored power by noon, according to the City of Fort Lauderdale's assertion. 

Optimistic? Perhaps. The process of taking down and restoring power lines --in addition to moving a house down the street-- seems a day long endeavor if there ever were one. Check back with Clean Plate Charlie for Sunday updates. 

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