Single Malts At Two Chefs

Single Malts At Two Chefs

Art Basel brings so much cool stuff to Miami each year, but also

throngs of people and a whole lot of hype. Tonight, however, far from

the madding crowd, Two Chefs

in South Miami will be offering a single malt sampling that is

eminently reasonable in price: Twenty dollars will allow you to "Taste

5, Explore 10!", including a few rarities. Owner Jan Jorgensen allows

that often "We say 'ten', but one person will ask to try this, another

person that, and we can end up with 35 bottles on the bar." Two Chefs,

incidentally, has the best single malt collection in the Southeast.


sipping takes place from 5:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m., and there will be

free hors d'ouerves. If you can't make it tonight, next Thursday will

bring a different spirit sampling, as will every Thursday afterwards,

presumably for quite some time -- Two Chefs has about a thousand different bottles on hand to try.

Remember to bring along a designated driver, though. Enough single malts can make you see double.

--Lee Klein


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