Sink Your Teeth into Martorano's 'Balls at the BubbleQ

It's not just Martorano's meatballs that are Ludacris.
It's not just Martorano's meatballs that are Ludacris.
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So you shelled out $350-$450 for tickets to BubbleQ at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, eh? Well, if you want to get your money's worth, we suggest you start with a visit to Steve Martorano's table. Yeah, we know you've probably tasted his famous meatballs by now, and perhaps you even dragged a showgirl or O performer you met at Pure to his Vegas outpost for a bite of the 'balls, but the version he's offering at Bubble Q will be a tad different and undoubtedly worth trying.

Meatists, rejoice! Instead of frying up those

delicious spheres of veal, beef, and

pork combined, he'll be grilling

them, then topping 'em with mozzarella and tomato sauce, and tucking

them into buns especially made for the event. 


the way, if you want to know the secret recipe but are too afraid of

asking the tattooed hulk in person, just watch him on Jimmy Kimmel and you'll

get the gist. Since he opened his new 300-seater in

Seminole Hard Rock, we hear he's working on very little sleep so trust

us when we suggest you leave the man alone. Got it, Cuz?)

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