South Park's Cheesy Poofs Coming to a Walmart Near You

South Park, food isn't just funny. It's also pretty gross. Like the recipe for Chef's salty, chocolate balls...  

Now, Comedy Central and Frito-Lay have teamed up to bring you something even better. To celebrate the show's 15th season, look for the specialty release of Eric Cartman's favorite, Cheeto-like snack. 

That's right. Cheesy Poofs.

According to Reuters, Walmart is set to distribute 1.5 million units of South Park Cheesy Poofs nationwide this fall, hopefully before the show's return to television October 15.

A true South Park fan will have no trouble finding the trademark rocket-ship logo stamped on the 2 3/8-ounce bag, each priced at $2.99. Expensive, but quite possibly worth the "pick me up," wouldn't you say?

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