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Starbucks Undone

Americans live in such a Starbucks-dominated world that we often forget that independent coffeehouses have their own inimitable flavor -- even the ones located in shopping centers. The Coffee Scene (15955 Pines Blvd., Pembroke Pines, 954-441-2364) is one such place. In fact, it has more than 50 flavors. The Baskin-Robbins of the coffee world, the Scene sells whole aromatic beans that range from Amaretto to white Russian, gingerbread to Streusel cake, banana nut fudge to roasted chestnut, orange Seville to rainforest crunch... you get the point. Of course, the Scene also brews on the premises -- the familiar tall lattes and cappuccinos -- but it has made an effort to fit into its South Florida neighborhood with a number of Spanish-style coffee drinks. Cortaditos, here we come. And note to Starbucks: Here we just might stay.


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