Starr Fruits

Hadley Hooper

The Website for Starr Organic Produce Inc. (P.O. Box 551745, Fort Lauderdale, 888-262-1242, is emphatic: "We cannot ship to Alaska, Hawaii, or California!" Well, pity those three states, because the rest of us get to enjoy avocados, papayas, tangelos, limes, and pink or red grapefruits, all of which have been organically grown. Got a hankering for mangoes that haven't been chemically tampered with or dropped on the ground? Get 12 pounds of them, gently coddled and delivered to your door, for only $19. Or choose the no-brainer option and join the fruit-of-the-month club: For $245, you receive twelve shipments of ten pounds of fruit monthly, ranging from mangoes and avocados to Valencia oranges and honey tangerines.

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