Stephen Colbert Tips His Hat to Walgreen's Big Flats Beer

Colbert drinks cheap beer and loves it
Colbert drinks cheap beer and loves it
Comedy Central

In a hilarious segment on his show, Stephen Colbert tips his hat to Big Flats beer, Walgreens' private label beer selling for $2.99 a six pack.  Colbert said that this beer is a great idea because since people can't afford prescription drugs, they can go one aisle over and get the beer. He also noted that the beer is a clever marketing tool for Walgreen's because they're selling a product that causes people to buy more of their other wares - mainly Tylenol for the Big Flats-induced headache and Febreeze for the "skunk odor" that Big Flats has been rumored to have.

Colbert then tries the stuff and states he's not drunk enough to enjoy it, but it might be the perfect beer to drink AFTER drinking beer that costs more than a carnival goldfish. Video after the jump. 


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