Sustained Interest

Joe Rocco

Just what is the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), why is it hosting a Wild Alaskan Sustainable Cooking Class at the Whole Foods Market (1400 B Glades Rd., Boca Raton, 561-447-0000), and why are we so excited about this event? It's not that we're ignorant about guilt-free eating. The MSC is a nonprofit org aimed at reducing the overfishing of certain species not only by educating consumers but by making them active. And it's not that we don't care -- I, for one, am sick of seeing Chilean sea bass on restaurant menus when many industry professionals know full well this fish is in grave and immediate danger of extinction. But I'd say the real attraction here is John Bellemi, chef-partner at Boca Raton's Zemi, who will teach the hourlong class at 7 p.m. on June 10. Whither he goes, we go. And the wild salmon will surely follow.

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