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Only the best burger joints in Broward County made this list.
Only the best burger joints in Broward County made this list.
Photo courtesy of Tucker Duke's Lunchbox

Ten Best Burger Restaurants in Broward County

You love burgers. You love burgers so much, every few years New Times publishes a list of the best ones, most outrageous ones, and — like this list — the best restaurants that specialize in them.

The rest of the year is then spent obsessing about every new and amazing burger we try, until it's time to revisit said lists and give a rundown of the best ones all over again. This year, some favorite spots were revisited to highlight some South Florida classics while updating with some of the newer models that impressed and made everyone gain a few pounds.

Think of it as the all-around comprehensive list of the best burger joints in Broward County for when you're craving a cold beer, milkshake, and a burger.  

Ten Best Burger Restaurants in Broward County
Photo by Nicole Danna

10. Jack's Old Fashion Hamburger
4201 N. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale. Call 954-565-9960, or visit
For the crowd that likes things plain and simple, it doesn't get much better than the double from Jack's Old Fashion Hamburger. With two locations — in Pompano Beach and a second in Fort Lauderdale — this burger joint has been making its burgers the same way since 1972. That means a plain, pressed all-beef patty ground in-house fresh each day and seared on the flattop until both sides form a crispy, golden-brown crust. It's topped with a thick slice of white American cheese and fitted between a giant, plain bun. No lettuce, no tomato. No fancy sauces. No artisan toppings. But if you want some ketchup or mayo, a short bar of do-it-yourself options provides the basics. Ah, the good ol' days.

Ten Best Burger Restaurants in Broward County

9. Burger & Beer Joint
11025 Pines Blvd., Pembroke Pines. Call 954-367-8980, or visit
In 2009, Burger & Beer Joint opened its first restaurant, in South Beach. Today, the fast-growing gourmet burger and sports restaurant with a rock ’n’ roll theme is quickly expanding across South Florida, with new franchise locations in Pembroke Pines and most recently Orlando, with a new location set for West Palm Beach. For now, the Broward County establishment is the closest you'll get to the delicious, meaty burgers, which includes the indulgent Stairway to Heaven, a half-pound Wagyu beef burger topped with a three-ounce, pan-seared cut of Hudson Valley foie gras and black truffle aioli on a brioche bun. Feeling a little less crazy? Hey Jude might be the way to go, a half-pound chicken burger with applewood-smoked bacon, Havarti cheese, and tons of ripe, fresh avocado, served on a whole-wheat bun. The most outrageous, however: the Motherburger, a $150 beast of a burger the size of hubcap — served with lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickle — and sandwiched between buns more massive than entire loaves of bread. You'll get it for free if you order it and manage to finish the whole ten pounds of beef alone (in two hours or less), or order it to split among the entire table. 

Ten Best Burger Restaurants in Broward County
Photo by Nicole Danna

8. Quickies Burgers & Wings
1000 S. State Road 7, Hollywood. Call 954-981-9464.
When restaurant founders and husband-and-wife duo Evan Alichos and Aleka Nakis opened their drive-through eatery, the goal was to offer some of the best burgers and wings in Hollywood. The stand-alone building located off State Road 7 has a retro-cool feel thanks to a small, diner-like sit-down eating area and the order-from-your-car option. Here, the burgers are cooked over a gas and charcoal grill that imparts char-like burn marks (and plenty of flavor) on your patty. Order them a number of ways, with nine specialty concoctions, including the 16-ounce Moab, a giant cheeseburger topped with bacon, lettuce, tomato, bacon, crispy onions, and fries. Just be patient: This beast takes 20 minutes to prepare. If you opt for something smaller and your burger doesn't already come with it, ask for a side of the Quickies "special" sauce, a mayo-based blend that offers a kick of flavor from a special seasoning blend.

Ten Best Burger Restaurants in Broward County
Photo courtesy of The Burger Freak

7. The Burger Freak
6880 N. Powerline Road, Fort Lauderdale. Call 954-969-0380, or visit
With its circus theme and crazy concoctions, the Burger Freak in Fort Lauderdale will have you feeling like a carny in no time. But while the selections are fair-like in their over-the-top pairings and comfort-food indulgences, high-quality ingredients make each of the 15 burgers a true handcrafted affair. Owners Chris Tran, Jordan Seiler, and Clinton Siqueira say the Fortune Teller is the most popular, their own beef-patty blend seared up on a flattop grill and piled high with American cheese, fried egg, potato sticks, lettuce, tomato, and a pesto mayo. Order the thick-cut sweet potato fries with marshmallow dipping sauce or some fried mac-and-cheese bites and your trip to the circus is complete.

Ten Best Burger Restaurants in Broward County
Photo by Candace West

6. Brgr Stop
4301 Coconut Creek Parkway, Coconut Creek. Call 954-975-8459, or visit
Almost everything on the Brgr Stop menu is like a challenge straight out of the Food Network's Man vs. Food. Some are things you'd find at the fair; others are foods you'd eat on a dare or when maybe you've got a bad case of the munchies. In a world of food trends driven by healthy eating, special meal plans, and dietary restrictions, Brgr Stop goes the opposite direction. Here, the bigger the burger, the better. There are eight craft burgers in all, each oversized and amped up with a hodgepodge of ingredients. Some are espresso or jerk-rubbed. Another is your favorite bowl of soup — French onion — re-created in sandwich form. And the Mac Daddy arrives a teetering construction, crowned with a heaping portion of jalapeño-cheddar-sausage-flecked mac 'n' cheese, long strips of house-made candied bacon, and a root-beer sriracha barbecue sauce. Peanut Butter Jelly Time takes the burger back to basics with more bacon and a thick layer of Skippy spread across the bottom bun. It's paired not with jam or jelly but rather a complex San Marzano tomato confit.

Ten Best Burger Restaurants in Broward County
Photo by Candace West

5. Pincho Factory
155 N. Hiatus Road, Pembroke Pines. Call 754-888-9746, or visit
When Nedal Ahmad was in elementary school, his English teacher told him he'd be flipping burgers one day. Funny thing is, the guy was actually right: As one of three partners alongside his brother Nazir and cousin Otto Othman, the burgers he's flipping are at Pincho Factory, the Miami-based burger and kebab restaurant. Since that time, chef Nedal has flipped quite a few patties. He did it for Rachael Ray at the 2015 South Beach Wine & Food Festival, on the Today Show for Kathy Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotbe, and for George Motz's Burger Land on the Travel Channel. That includes the now-trademarked toston burger, a five-ounce, hormone-free beef patty fitted between two fat, golden-yellow discs of fried plantain and topped with melted Jack cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and cilantro sauce. But among the eight burgers on Pincho's permanent roster, I prefer the one for which the restaurant is named. To my taste, the Pincho outshines all those sandwiches that helped make the place famous, a dense brioche bun layered with melted cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and a house-made secret pink "flamingo" sauce.

Ten Best Burger Restaurants in Broward County
Photo courtesy of Rok:Brgr

4. Rok:Brgr
208 SW Second St., Fort Lauderdale. Call 954-525-7656, or visit
A consistent winner in the gourmet burger category, this five-year-old downtown Fort Lauderdale spot has earned numerous New Times accolades for its interesting toppings and creative flavor combinations. Its tenet is based on taking first-rate ingredients and mixing them together for gustatory amalgamations that are out of this world. There may be something for every palate here, but of the more than one dozen gourmet creations, the Morning Glory is where it's at. Built with a handmade blend of chuck, brisket, and short rib between fresh brioche, it's topped with smoked pepper bacon, American cheese, and a fried egg.

Ten Best Burger Restaurants in Broward County
Photo courtesy of Tucker Dukes Lunchox

3. Tucker Duke's Lunchbox
1101 S. Powerline Road, Deerfield Beach. Call 954-708-2035, or visit
Disgusted with the never-ending line at the McDonald's drive-through near his original Niceville, Florida, location, Tucker Duke's founder Brian Cartenuto decided to put a burger on his menu. It's his bigger and better interpretation of the Big Mac, a half-pound of custom-blended beef topped with fried onion rings, melted American cheese, mixed baby greens, celery-salted tomato, and Pink Tucker sauce (Cartenuto's version of Cajun remoulade) all on a toasted, onion-encrusted bun. While he didn't intend to open a burger place, that signature creation was so good, it prompted a move into a larger space to accommodate the resulting crowds. Today, his second store in Deerfield Beach has earned a reputation as one of the best burger places in all of South Florida. Try the Mondragon (pictured here), a burger patty topped with six slices of bacon, a fried egg, and two slices each of American and cheddar cheese. If you're really hungry, there's also Tanner & The Unicorn, a three-quarter-pound burger with the toppings from both the Tucker Duke and the Mondragon, all fitted between two grilled cheese sandwiches.

Ten Best Burger Restaurants in Broward County
Photo by Nicole Danna

2. Burgers & Suds
360 E. McNab Road, Pompano Beach. Call 954-772-8007, or visit
Burgers & Suds in Pompano Beach has a menu of half-pound, charbroiled burgers named after notorious criminals. There's the Escobar, a patty topped with blue cheese crumbles, hot sauce, blue cheese dressing. Or the Rothstein burger, a satisfying combo of Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and Thousand Island dressing. Not everyone is a bad guy, however. One of owner Curtis Deckman's first menu items — the mac-and-cheese- and bacon-topped Wilson burger — is named after his landlord. And Ray's Rodeo Burger is named after his dad. My personal favorite is the Smuggler, a breakfast-like take with American cheese, a perfectly fried egg, hash browns, and maple syrup. You can pair any of the menu's 24 gourmet burger creations with a pint of any of the 20 craft beers on tap.

Ten Best Burger Restaurants in Broward County
Photo courtesy of Charm City

1. Charm City Burger Co.
1136 E. Hillsboro Blvd., Deerfield Beach. Call 954-531-0300, or visit
Not many people know the original Charm City was first conceived as a sandwich shop, a takeout type of place where you could grab a beer and some quick-go grub for a good price. But when the line started backing up with burger orders, owner and chef team Evan David and Mike Saperstein gave the menu a quick overhaul and turned the place into one of South Florida’s favorite burger havens. When it opened seven years ago, Charm City's motto was "five star chefs, five dollar burgers." Today, you'll still get just that: gourmet-style burgers topped with some amazingly well-paired, top-quality ingredients. The best part here is the burger patty itself. When the two recently launched their own meat purveying company, Sunshine Provisions, it gave them the chance to develop a new custom patty blend, and now they crank out a daily grind of brisket, chuck, short rib, and — a recent addition — hanger steak. Thanks to an old-fashioned burger-cutting machine, the patty they produce for Charm is lighter and fluffier than most, making for a juicer burger. Sure, these sometimes six-inch-tall burgers can be a little hard to handle, but as messy as they get, each is worth a few extra napkins. That goes for the most popular order here, the Cowboy Style (pictured above), the restaurant's signature steak burger topped off with thick-cut bacon, aged cheddar, sautéed mushrooms, and grilled onions.

Nicole Danna is a food writer covering Broward and Palm Beach counties. To get the latest in food and drink news in South Florida, follow her @SoFloNicole or find her latest food pics on the BPB New Times Food & Drink Instagram.

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