Ten Restaurants You Need to Visit in Northwood Village

Ten Restaurants You Need to Visit in Northwood Village

Let's face it: West Palm Beach has never been known for its food scene. No one ever raves about his fabulous dinner out on Clematis Street; you won't see people making destination dining trips to CityPlace; and while nearby Palm Beach "island" glitters with swank restaurants, hip lunch spots, and prissy breakfast nooks, the city over the bridge remains a tough spot to find your new favorite restaurant.

But all that could be changing thanks to the emerging neighborhood enclave known as Northwood Village, what is shaping up to be a diverse restaurant row offering an astonishing variety of cuisine.

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Nestled between West Palm Beach's downtown Clematis Street and the city's sleepy Old Northwood neighborhood's estate-like homes, Northwood Village has that small-town, main-street feel with a splash of artist-den hip, a stark contrast to the surrounding area's repetitive strip malls. Instead, here you'll find authentic Thai curry, handmade pasta, handmade Jamaican meat patties -- even a gourmet burger bar. And rumor has it longtime Mexican favorite Aleyda's will be relocating here, while the owners of Little Moir's Food Shack and Leftover's Cafe have nabbed the former China Bistro spot to open a third location.

Watch out, downtown West Palm Beach. Northwood strip just one-upped you thanks to these ten restaurants you need to visit, now:

Ten Restaurants You Need to Visit in Northwood Village

This Is It Cafe

Culinary team Rob Bieber, Dennis Freireich, and Rick Kendall whip up breakfast lunch and dinner at this longtime Northwood establishment. Daily specials cover homemade, American comfort food favorites with a Florida twist, from fried dolphin fingers and a shrimp and chicken linguine alfredo to meat loaf with mashed potatoes. Inside, the diner-style seating makes it the perfect spot to drop in for breakfast or lunch, while an outdoor patio makes it a good setting for a quiet, peaceful evening meal.

Ten Restaurants You Need to Visit in Northwood Village

Supe's Jamaican Restaurant

Tucked on the south end of Northwood Village, this Caribbean-themed, laid-back café is a touch of Jamaican soul food for the colorful art district. Supe's casual walk-up counter offers an ever-changing menu that covers all the typical Jamaican dishes -- like ackee and saltfish or oxtail stew and curry goat -- just not at the same time. The owners operate on island time. That means you may want to call ahead before stopping by from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. -- their posted business hours -- and hope they answer. The menu specials are handwritten, change daily, and are often whatever they feel like cooking that day. But if it's a Jamaican craving you're looking to fix, this is the perfect stop for fresh, made-from-scratch fare. Look for stewed green callaloo served with whatever fresh fish they're frying, and -- when they're available -- the spicy meat patties pair well with a cold ginger beer. Jerk dishes and barbecue selections are often found on the handwritten menu.

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