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The Bread Crumbs of Life

I don't often go to fish markets expecting to buy Japanese bread crumbs. But hey, if the panko's there, as it is at the Islamorada Fish Company Retail Market (220 Gulf Stream Way, Dania Beach, 954-927-7737), I'll take it. After all, the coarsely ground crumbs are ideal for coating the Key West pinks the market also carries before dropping them into the deep fryer. Or for dredging the dolphin, grouper, and yellowtail snapper fillets. Or even for stuffing whole squid or making clams casino. But if you're not up to cooking yourself, allow the market to do it for you: Prepared products include everything from smoked whitefish dip to zesty conch chowder to stone crabs, complete with requisite mustard sauce. Talk about a key experience.

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