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This sushi is made in the USA.
This sushi is made in the USA.
All photos courtesy of SAIA

The Olympics Are Coming: SAIA Offers Patriotic Menu Items

The 2012 summer Olympic games kick off on July 27 in London. So far, there's been talk of the usual Olympic-related madness -- McDonald's getting a French fry exclusive, our team's uniforms being made in China (and what's with those berets?), and the totally weird, one-eyed mascots Wenlock and Mandeville.

With all of the nonsense, however, there's one thing for sure... we'll all be tuned in to see how many medals Team USA can take home. And just like the athletes we'll be rooting for -- we'll need sustenance... preferably in patriotic colors. 

Enter SAIA's Olympic-inspired items, guaranteed to make you feel more patriotic when you enjoy them.

The red, white, and blue roll ($15) is made with eel, avocado, Boursin cheese, cran stick, and blue tobiko.

To wash it down, try the Olympic torch martini ($12), a summery cocktail with muddled strawberries, blueberries, a splash of lime, and agave. The drink is then topped with a Grand Marnier flambee "torch."

Both items are available now through August 12 at SAIA, where you can watch the Olympics at the outdoor bar.

Here's the Olympic Torch recipe -- in case you're having a watch party at home:

The Olympics Are Coming: SAIA Offers Patriotic Menu Items

Olympic Torch Martini
1 1/2 oz blueberry vodka
5 fresh blueberries - muddled
2 fresh strawberries - muddled
1/2 oz. lime juice
1/4 oz. agave nectar
1/2 oz. Grand Marnier - torched

Muddle the blueberries and strawberries and mix the berries, vodka, lime juice, and agave nectar in a shaker. Strain into a chilled martini glass. Carefully flambee Grand Marnier and add to martini.

Drink a few martinis and maybe you'll want to dance along with Wenlock and Mandeville:

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