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The Stinking Rose of Delray

Get ready, get set, get your mouthwash. The fourth-annual Delray Beach Garlic Fest kicks off November 1 at 5 p.m. in downtown Delray, between the Old School House campus and NE Second Avenue, and doesn't end till 6 p.m. November 3. What to expect: three days of garlic-oriented activities, events, and destinations, including a "mystery basket" garlic chef competition modeled after Iron Chef; the Gourmet Alley, where everything from garlic bread to garlic ice cream (mmm, savory) will be offered; and the Garlic Mercantile Area, a place to shop for gifts for the smelly one in your life. Indeed, you can even buy such choice items as the Stinkin' Rose's Garlic Condom here. What not to expect? Vampires, even those who had the foresight to get a vasectomy.


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