Today's Your Last Chance! Ellenville Farmers' Market Goes on Seven-Week Hiatus

Today's Your Last Chance! Ellenville Farmers' Market Goes on Seven-Week Hiatus

Every Thursday from 4 to 8 p.m., the Ellenville Garden Center transforms into the Ellenville Farmers' Market -- also known as the Moonlit Farmers Market. There's food and wine and café tables. There's usually a live band to provide the music, and local farmers to provide the company. In fact, Farmer Jay and his wife, Denia, the Produce Chick, are practically local celebrities in the organic farming world, and the Ellenville Farmers' Market is the place where they bring their produce to the people. But for the next seven weeks, that's all going to change.

The farmers' market will be going on hiatus for seven weeks while the staff at Ellenville renovates.

Beth Pesch is owner of Ellenville Garden Center.

"We're going to paint and put grass down outside," she said. "We're going to

relandscape. It's hard for us to do because we are going to rip up all

the pavers and put new grass down, and it's really hot outside now. So we are going to take our time with it."

But with all that work going on, there simply won't be any space for the market. Those who depend on the Produce Chick's CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) produce baskets shouldn't worry. You'll still be getting your baskets -- check in with Farmer Jay's Facebook page for details. There just won't be a lovely market to stroll around in.

The market returns at 4 p.m. Thursday, September 27.

For more information about how to be part of the CSA basket program, send an email to

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