Trend Alert: You Want Fries on That?

Trend Alert: You Want Fries on That?

Are French fries the next add-to-everything item? Just as eggs have become the latest haute garnish on burgers, fried rice, pizza, you name it, it seems French fries are making an appearance as a topping rather than a side. Here are five things I've seen recently that signal an oncoming trend. 

5. French-fry eggs
Here we have a combination of the two most oft-added ingredients as of late: French fries and eggs. We could make this truly decadent by adding chili and/or poutine cheese curds -- which I've seen Food Network star Teddy Folkman make at his restaurant -- but I haven't seen it down here yet. Perhaps that's too decadent for folks trying to keep their figures for year-round beach weather. 
Trend Alert: You Want Fries on That?

4. French-fry pizza

A specialty at D'Angelo, French fries on pizza is "what the kids are eating," our server told my boss. So we ordered the ridiculously decadent pie. And here I was bitching about too much cheese on things.

Trend Alert: You Want Fries on That?
3. French-fry salad
I've seen fries in a Caesar more often than this fancy thing, particularly in Pittsburgh, where the Primanti's add-fries-to-everything habit has taken hold in numerous restaurants. The Grocery makes this number with flat-leaf parsley and the also-trendy hen of the woods, mushrooms. The restaurant is located in Brooklyn, of course, the epicenter of many food-driven trends. Expect this here within days to a year.
Trend Alert: You Want Fries on That?

2. French-fry sandwich

Lucky us, we've got a slew of Primanti's to fatten up our sandwich of grilled meat, cole slaw, and tomato slices with fries on Italian bread. Look at that lovely thing.

Trend Alert: You Want Fries on That?

1. French-fry hot dog

I loathe anything on a stick except popsicles, but I'll expect to see a curiosity such as this one next week at the Broward County Fair.

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