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Video: Paula Deen's Pants Fall Down on Stage

I heard the sound of an excited crowd and saw Paula Deen get introduced onstage at Sunday's South Beach Wine and Food Fest. In a tent at 13th and Ocean, I maneuvered as close I could get for an angle to shoot video.

Paula Deen is a funny lady. I don't own a tv and I'm not familiar with her work, but she had me laughing off rip. She started talking about her loose pants and showed the crowd how they kept falling. Then as she was walking across the stage, they slipped straight off her hips and went down to midthigh before she caught 'em, tugged 'em back up, and possibly got a wireless mic receiver stuck up her ass (watch the video).

It was awesome. Paula Deen was wearin tan granny panties. Yo Paula next time you in South Beach bring a thong. It ain't nothin but a g strang baby. Seeing Paula Deen's pants fall down was my favorite part of the Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival 2009.

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