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Walk and Drink

I suppose I'm an easy sell, but I love a good promotion -- especially when it rhymes. Which is why I'll be ambling around downtown Hollywood (Tyler and Harrison streets and Hollywood Boulevard) from 6 till 9 p.m. on Wednesday, June 25, for the "Design and Wine" event. The evening begins at the Harrison Street Wine Gallery (1916 Harrison St., Hollywood, 954-921-3016), where for $12 you buy a hand-painted wine glass courtesy of 2 Frenz. Then you peruse the map and list included with the glass, stroll the boulevards, and get filled up, topped off, and (possibly) tipsy at various participating shops and galleries. It's a terrific way for the shops to get you in the door and reward your browsing with a little vino. In other words, nobody loses -- except those who can't make it. And even they will get a second -- and third -- chance, since the event repeats on July 23 and August 20.


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