Want Free Tickets to New Times Pairings?

Want Free Tickets to New Times Pairings?

In a cheap and totally transparent grab at a few more clicks on Clean Plate Charlie, we're offering a pair of free tickets to the second-annual Pairings event taking place September 17. If you don't know what Pairings is, click the link and fill your head with shame. Now that you're familiar with how much free food and drink is at stake, here's your task:

Be the first person to answer these three Clean Plate Charlie-related questions in the comments section of this blog. Be sure to use your real email address when you leave the comment so we can get in touch to arrange the shady back-alley hand-off of these tickets. Feel free to cheat by clicking through the last couple of weeks' worth of postings to find the answers. Good luck!

1.    Name one restaurant that Clean Plate Charlie reported as closed in Boynton Beach.

2.    What sub won August's Food Fight?

3.    Name the Hollywood chef who's competing on Top Chef this season.

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