West Broward's Toa Toa Still Serves Quality Dim Sum

This timeless Sunrise eatery has been serving dim sum to Asian and American families in West Broward for more than 20 years. In that time, it hasn't deviated much from the classic, Hong Kong-inspired formula: When you sit down in the modest dining room, you're given a menu printed with pictures and a big yellow card to check off your selections. There's no cart traveling around (the tables are too tightly packed), but the dim sum arrives quickly nonetheless. Start by popping up pork-filled sticky buns or steamed dumplings stuffed with juicy shrimp. Then move on to sharable platters like steamed mustard greens finished with a squirt of plumy hoisin sauce or curry-infused Singapore noodles. Exotic options like duck tongues and jellyfish salad are available for more adventurous diners. Prices are cheap (even the big dim sum platters top out around $10), but if there's any knock against the place, it's that service can be unresponsive. That, and that the diner is really starting to look its age. Still, for quality dim sum and a solid standard Chinese menu, Toa Toa is an oldie but a goodie.


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