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What Rolls Around Comes Around

It's true that Roll-a-Round is actually a collectible Fisher-Price toy -- the company never made that many of the sets, and as far as toys go, these are fairly rare. But now it's also a sliced-roast-beef-sandwich joint, which in these parts is also fairly rare. Roll-a-Round (1530 E. Commercial Blvd., Oakland Park, 954-771-2333) takes over the spot formerly occupied by the fast foodery Healthy Bites Grill, but while the format is still quick-service, this ain't no Arby's. In fact, I'm reminded more of the northeastern havens for roast beef sandwiches like Kelly's in Boston. In addition to roast beef, you can also get grilled and roasted chicken and turkey as sandwich filler or as an entrée. As far as the items at Roll-a-Round go, what else (besides "trademark infringement") can I say but collect them all?

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