White Crescent Burgers in West Palm Beach: The Moonies Have Landed!

The Moonies have landed in West Palm Beach, and I don't mean hordes of neoreligious fanatics waving crosses and other sanctified tchotchkes. These Moonies are $3.59 silver-dollar-sized discs of ground chuck ("Always fresh... Never frozen!") slipped inside an equally diminutive bun and diddled with cheese, onions, pickles, and ketchup, the signature sliders at White Crescent Burgers. As a signature, they display fairly decent penmanship. Served hot and juicy off the griddle, the 80/20 (meat to fat) patties have a bit of char on the outside and a bit of pink within and as such actually hint at the flavor of real beef. Sadly, the full-sized burgers ($4.89) don't fare as well, needing longer cooking time to come out well-done and shedding juice and flavor in the process. As befitting a joint founded in New Jersey, White Crescent offers a pair of dishes iconic to the Garden State, which apparently grows mostly processed meat products. There's a sandwich of fried egg, cheese, and Taylor ham (a summer-sausage-like roll), the breakfast of cardiac patients. And there's the Italian hot dog, twin wieners on a giant bun loaded with onions, peppers, and potatoes. Both will fill you up for cheap without making much of an impression on your taste buds. Can I get an amen?

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