Wild Ginger Asian Bistro

It's getting so the best gauge of a new restaurant's success is how many years the proprietors have already been in the business. The team that opened Wild Ginger in CityPlace a couple of months ago certainly has the creds: Lirim Jacobi owns Taverna Opa and City Pizza; his partner in this venture is Dixon Li, of the long-running Lake Worth staple Dixon Li's. I have a soft spot for Li because his Chinese restaurant on Lake Worth Road was my late dad's favorite place to hang – the atmosphere was convivial, and the complimentary fried noodles were always crunchy. I once almost drowned in Dixon's parking lot during a hurricane, which I'd idiotically decided to drive out into in search of an egg roll. Li's, needless to say, was the only restaurant brave enough to stay open in that deluge. So it looks like old Dixon has the necessary persistence to face CityPlace. We've seen several upscale and mid-priced Asian restaurants come and go here (Thai Jo just opened upstairs, in fact). Li's inexpensive and tasty Chinese/Thai menu of moo shu, noodles, and stir fries might be the golden ticket. Everything we tried here, from wonton soup to Thai curries, was good in that fatty, salty, Asian-comfort-food kind of way, and portions were huge enough to provide breakfast and lunch the next day.

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