Biketopia at America's Backyard

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Alex Markow


A variety of cycling groups came out to America's Backyard for Biketopia October 14. The event was organized by Shelly Duel with help from Irena Olejnikand of the local nonprofit organization The Promise Foundation , BMXers entertained the crowd with backflips, while bands performed inside. The bands that played included the Paper Play, The 707's, The Shakers, and Good Shepard. The Official Bike Show winner, King of Biketopia, was Donny Lopez while the one of a kind, Blue Bike life sized trophy bike went to the Lowdown Punks.

Published on October 15, 2012

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How do I get in contact with the person who has the ability to edit the information written here? The credit was given to the Miami bike scene, and although a ton of support was given from the Miami bike scene for this event, they were not the ones who created, nor coordinated it. I actually created and coordinated it (I work for America's Backyard), and the Fort Lauderdale bike scene really put a lot of hard work into helping make it all happen, as well as did Irena of "The Promise Foundation" (a non-profit organization that helps teach kids street safety, collects donated bikes to donate to children in need, and helps teach children with autism and children with MS how to ride bikes). Mike Spinner was also a huge sponsor, as he allowed for his ramp to brought to the event by his riding buddy Joe Taberna, who brought along all the kids that ride with Taberna and Spinner on the ramp to provide entertainment with their kick ass skills.

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