Closer Look: Casa Frida in Fort Lauderdale

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Seafood tacos

Mexican surrealist painter Frida Kahlo — famous for self-portraits she made of herself wearing ornate, brightly colored dresses and for her unmistakable, sometimes furrowed unibrow — had an unwavering loyalty to her country.

When Julieta Bocos retold a story about the depths of Kahlo's allegiance, her voice rose to an excited pitch just below shrill.

"She dressed up every day in the Mexican dresses with flowers in her hair," says Julieta Bocos, who along with her husband, Victor, opened Casa Frida Mexican Grill in early 2012 in the shadow of the looming Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church. "She went to dinners with the Rockefellers and still wore her dresses and all of her heavy jewelry."

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Published on March 19, 2013

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I went here, and I thought it was nice, however not great-its one of those places trying to be something more than it is--- The location for the value, not so good- the taste was so so- the Salsa blah, the chips nah, not hot and fresh, they should be when you are trying to impress guest with this authentic mexican- small plates - and it just could be so much better if they didn't try so hard with the "authentic" and make it for real- hot, to order and load the plate !! We are paying for Authentic mexican - firsts time going mexican and no doggie bag, but the price was more than if i went down the street to la bamba

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