Closer Look: Inedit in Hollywood

On a recent Friday night at Inedit, two tall, dark guitarists wore all black, furiously slapping their instruments as a flamenco dancer in a flowing navy-blue dress clapped and stomped with the beat, pushing her nose and breasts into the air each time she shouted "Olé!" Bottles of red wine were poured with reckless abandon. On a Thursday, however, we could almost hear the sound of our own heartbeats echoing inside the cavernous, deserted restaurant. The 200-seat Spanish restaurant's name is short for inedito, which translated means undiscovered. Though situated in a downtown walking district, less than half a block off Hollywood Boulevard, this weeknight it felt as undiscovered as a Florida panther colony. The piercing clatter after a lone waiter dropped a water pitcher echoed off blood-red walls and almost made us jump out of our seats. Inedit wasn't alone in its solitude; Hollywood's downtown has always felt halfway there; though it has a walkable district that should draw at least some crowds on weeknights, many of the establishments surrounding Inedit were also nearly empty. Read the full review on Inedit.

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