Closer Look: Red Cow Barbecue in Fort Lauderdale

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Burnt Ends Shepherd's Pie

The sweet perfume of molasses and slow-burning hickory wood punches you in the face when you step inside Elliot Wolf's new restaurant, Red Cow, near the impossible-to-navigate intersection of Sunrise Boulevard and Federal Highway.

As you take your seat in an apple-red chair, you don't realize that first shot was part of a one-two combination. If the mouthwatering scent of barbecue is a jab, the price of a plate of slow-cooked meat here is the uppercut. A fair 18 bucks gets you a heaping plate of shiny pork spareribs whose meat falls from the bone with little prodding. Every delicious bite contains a lavender-pink smoke ring and thin ribbons of rich fat.

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Published on August 6, 2013

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frankd4 topcommenter

WARNING = FOXY BROWN and RED COW are both connected to ALL COUNTY TOWING who is a vendor in BOTH parking lots for those restaurants - so be warned YOU may be subject to unnecessary RISK of exposure to possibly PREDITORY TOWING

ASK MANAGEMENT of these establishments how many of their patrons cars were TOWED and under what circumstances BEFORE you go - RED COWs lot is under survaillence (meaning a spotter is most likely watching that lot constantly) meaning those colored yellow bumpers and unpainted concrete bumpers HAVE SIGNIFIGANCE and if you park wrong YOU PROBABLY WILL BE TOWED instantly !

being overserved and doing the smart thing of taking a cab home leaving YOUR CAR in those lots and you may find your car in the ALL COUNTY TOWING yard nearby the next day - DO NOT EXPECT restaurant management to advise you of this as they most likely receive compensation for both the cab fare and towing charge

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