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  • Guess Where We Shot It
    Rare is the show where the various tribes, scenes and cliques come together -- Coachella, maybe -- but it's a also a a joy to see music fans in their own element. Mohawks, raver boots, face paint, handles of vodka and the potent smell of pot: Think you can peg a fan to a band just by looking at...
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  • Broward Tax Day Tea Party
    Not even heavily Democratic Broward County wasn't spared from the teabagging festivities.
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  • Palm Beach Tax Day Tea Party
    Teabaggers, as we affectionately have come to call them, came from all over Palm Beach County to protest what they consider wasteful government spending and potential tax hikes.
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  • Afghaniscrewed Photo Outtakes
    Six years after the U.S. invasion, Afghanistan still seems like a broken country. Correspondent P.J. Tobia vacationed on America's first front in the so-called War on Terror and found a nation that still needs the basics. In his article, he reports on what it's like for the U.S. soldiers who...
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  • Brazil on the Beach 2009
    With live performances, footvolley tournaments and plenty of food, the three-day Brazil on the Beach festival brought non-stop excitement to Hollywood Beach.
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  • Indie Invasion From Miami at Respectable Street
    While not all the bands were technically from Miami -- Life Of Seals are from Fort Lauderdale and The Pretty Faces are from Boca Ration -- Saturday night, Miami bands Astari Night, Rimsky and Call It Radar led the Indie Invasion From Miami at Respectable Street in West Palm Beach.
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