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  • Rock Stars: Then and Now
    Throughout the decades, they've been urging us to sing louder, drink more beer and party harder than we ever had. What would we do without rock stars? We compare a few dozen of our favorite 8" x 10" glossies, plucked from our archives, with recent concert photos and portraits from some of our...
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  • Technosluts at Off the Hookah in Fort Lauderdale
    EDM met S & M at Off The Hoookah this past Friday for the 7 Year Anniversary Party of Technosluts. Through out the night the crowd was entertained by a variety of performers and dancers. Disclaimer: This slideshow contains images with suggestive posing and semi-nudity (IE: pasties). Don't say...
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  • Vans Warped Tour 2013 at Cruzan Amphitheatre in West Palm Beach
    The rain didn't stop the youth from enjoying their Warped Tour at the Cruzan Amphitheatre in West Palm Beach on Saturday. Mosh pits and crowd surfing were par for the day. See Also: Top Five Hairdos You'll See at Warped Tour 2013
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  • Ten Best Italian Restaurants in Broward and Palm Beach Counties
    Whether you're of Italian descent or not, there's something soothing about simply prepared plates of pasta. Maybe there's a stress-relieving physiological response to gluten; maybe it's a carb hangover -- either way, it works.There once was a time in which Italian cuisine was symbolized by...
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  • Taste of the Nation South Florida 2013 at Loews Miami Beach
    Thursday, Taste of the Nation took over the elegant ballroom at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel in an effort to end childhood hungry. Over 50 restaurants from Miami and Fort Lauderdale provided tasty bites all for a good cause.
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  • Closer Look: Hot Peppers in Pembroke Pines
    At Hot Peppers restaurant in Pembroke Pines, a pretty and super-friendly Asian woman — full red lips, sleek black hair — brought me a plate of Caribbean food: stewed bone-in chicken, macaroni pie, and lentils. Then a motherly black lady — older, with warm brown eyes and an apron tied around her...
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  • CuriousJosh: Comic-Con Characters
    CuriousJosh brings you scenes from the L.A. Underground. This week CuriousJosh takes a Comic-Con residency at the Machinima, Ubisoft, and Anime Expo Lounge in San Diego's Fluxx nightclub capturing and collecting cosplay characters. Can you name the characters? See also: * The Walking Dead at...
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  • Cosplay Characters of San Diego Comic-Con
    Convention trends come and go, but at San Diego Comic-Con, you'll always see a lot of love for the blockbusters. There were no shortage of fans paying homage to characters from Star Wars, as well as Marvel and DC comic books. Even the local grocery store got in on the action. All photos by Liz...
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  • Comic-Con Party People Invade San Diego
    The convention center is only part of the San Diego Comic-Con experience. Check out what happens when people aren't roaming the exhibit hall or standing in panel lines. From Comic-Con parties to the Adult Swim Funhouse and Regular Show Regular Zone, there was a lot to see in San Diego last...
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  • San Diego Comic-Con: Inside the Convention Center
    Whether you're a fan of comic books, sci-fi movies or animated television, there was something for you to see inside San Diego Comic-Con. All photos by Liz Ohanesian. See also: * The Walking Dead at San Diego Comic-Con * Comic-Con Party People Invade San Diego * Cosplay Characters of San Diego...
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  • ArtServe RedEYE at Parker Playhouse
    As a victim of its own popularity, ArtServe's alt exhibition RedEYE sent the public to park their vehicles at Parker Playhouse's field next door. This meant patrons had to take a half mile jaunt through fields, parks, and parking lots to get to the visual assault that they were so anticipating....
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  • Battle of the Sexes Burlesque at Respectable Street
    Hosts Cherry Selene and Patrick J. Smash kept the crowd entertained and the burlesque groups in check for Saturday nights Hurly Burly/Cupcake Burlesque Battle of the Sexes rematch. Later the Battle of the Sexes turned into a battle of the vocal cords with some intense karaoke out on the patio.
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