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  • Camelot Days at TY Park
    Explore a kingdom full of musicians, artisans, eateries, knights and jesters. Cheer for your favorite side at the living chess game and joust! Feast like a king on hearty food and drink. Shop for fine handcrafted treasures in the Artists’ Market. Enjoy challenging games and exciting rides for...
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  • Tasty Edibles at the Broward County Fair
    Take a peek at the mouth-watering goodness at the Broward County Fair. Munch on everything from sugar-coated elephant ears to grilled corn to Hawaiian snow cones. Calories: inevitable, worry: optional.
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  • Waka Flocka at Revolution Live
    Since the mid-'90s, when gangsta rap almost popped a cap in its own ass, hip-hop has become increasingly ridiculous. Waka Flocka Flame brought that same ridiculous Southern hip-hop to Revolution Live last night.
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  • "Warhol and Cars: American Icons" at Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale
    Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale opened its exhibit "Warhol and Cars: American Icons" Friday night with a Factory-inspired bash. The retrospective takes a look at the pop art icon's fascination with the automobile.
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  • Closer Look: Copacabana
    For almost eight decades New York City's Copacabana nightclub has earned itself both notoriety and infamy thanks to a litany of now legendary performers and gangsters who passed through its doors. The New York club has since taken over several spaces around the city and now exists as a kind of...
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  • Weezer at Hard Rock Live
    It's hard to believe Weezer has been a band for 20 years. Yes, Weezer, AKA The Blue Album, is almost old enough to order a beer. You'd never guess it by how fresh the band's sound was last night at Hard Rock Live. Read the full review on Weezer at Hard Rock Live.
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  • South Florida Day of the Dead Celebration at FAT Village
    Friday, Fort Lauderdale's FAT Village celebrated Day of the Dead complete with a skeleton processional, mariachis, food trucks, and more.
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  • The Who at the BB&T Center
    Almost 50 years after they started out in England, The Who performed at the BB&T Center in Sunrise last night to a full house.
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  • Broward and Palm Beach Month in Photos: October 2012
    Zombies, masks, and pasties were the ongoing trends of October in Broward and Palm Beach this year. We visited a chic Greek restaurant and a homestyle Italian joint. Best of all, though, were the Halloween events. It's the best way to start the race to the end of the year.
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  • Splatter-Rama Halloween at C&I Studios
    Splatter-Rama goers viewed the horrors of double features last night. Re-Animator and Night of the Creeps played on the big screen while a contest for the best costume was held. Otto von Schirach made a special appearance for a special Halloween Supermeng bass set.
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  • Electrik Circus and Brass Knuckles at Revolution Live
    Halloween was a bangin' good time at Revolution last night. Sexy lady dancers flaunted their creepy lingerie and pasties and the boys from Brass Knuckles and Electrik Circus donned killer masks. Brass Knuckles finished off all Hallow's Eve with a high energy house set.
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  • Zombie Crawl in West Palm Beach
    Zombies took over downtown West Palm Beach for the first ever Zombie Crawl this past weekend. Ticket proceeds helped to benefit the American Cancer Society. Participants hopped from venue to venue where raffles were held for prizes. The crawl finished with a bang at the after part "Zombie Prom."
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