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  • B.o.B. at Revolution Live
    Atlanta rapper-singer Bobby Ray Simmons (B.o.B.) was overwhelmingly successful at reaching his mixed audience over the course of a jam-packed 65-minute performance. Click here to read the review of the show.
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  • Triple 8 Lounge at The Falcon House in Delray
    The vintage cottage that houses the Triple 8 Lounge was built in 1925 and it shows - but not in a bad way. It's red, lacquered walls tell stories of parties and ultimately provides the fun bar atmosphere the patrons look for.
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  • Jeffree Star Crosses Gender Boundaries at Ground Control
    Jeffree Star is known for his ability to cross gender boundaries by well, cross dressing. The artistic, colorful, and effeminate singer played for a crazed fan base at Ground Control in West Palm Beach on August 20.
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  • All Aboard Jeff Greene's Yacht (NSFW)
    U.S. Senate candidate Jeff Greene likes to wine, dine, and "entertain" celebrities on his yacht, the "Summerwind." Those celebrities have included Mike Tyson, Lindsey Lohan, and Paris Hilton. Click here for a first-person account of the yacht's parties from Greene's former stewardess.
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  • Rustic Inn Crabhouse
    Rustic Inn is Fort Lauderdale's 55 year old crab house. Compared to other local seafood establishments this one seems most appropriate for eating crab because it sits right on a canal looking over a boatyard.
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  • Brad Paisley and Darius Rucker at Cruzan Ampitheatre
    Country star Brad Paisley played at Cruzan Ampitheatre on August 15 with Darius Rucker from Hootie and the Blowfish. Click here to read our review of the show.
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  • Lake Worth-It Local Music Festival in Bryant Park
    The music festival in Lake Worth's Bryant Park was organized by Cecil Lunsford of Shaman Stick Productions. The combined 40 plus bands played for 16 hours, enjoying the glory of South Florida's local music scene. Click here to read our review of the event.
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  • Zombie Prom at The Monterey Club!
    The Monterey Club, a rockabilly/retro-themed bar was full of the living dead on August 5 after a group of college students vacationing in the woods turned into zombies!
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  • The Living Room in Boynton Beach
    Make yourself cozy in this little restaurant where chairs and cushions are set up to make you feel like you're sitting in, well, your living room.
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