Ink & Pistons Grand Opening, Art Show & Hot Rod Round-Up

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Monica McGivern


If the grand opening said anything about the shop's potential, it's clear owners Amanda and J.R. Linton's success will be as vibrant as the florescent green paint on the walls. Ink & Pistons Tattoo Shop opened on Saturday night in West Palm Beach, revving with energy from the crowd of hot-rod owners, pin-up gals, tattoo enthusiasts, and enthusiastic local artists.

Published on September 3, 2012

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My husband and I showed up around 9pm and it was booming!

There were a lot of "new to the crowd" friends that I had either seen then or showed up and told me about it the next day. We saw good friends I hadn't realized were showing their work as well and it made for the perfect evening of catching up. We are very pleased and wish J.R. & Amanda Linton the best! You totally deserve it!


Yes! I love Pam Trent! --and of course you Monica!  Hugs!

I had such a wonderful time at the opening! 

Wishing the BEST for Ink and Pistons! Godspeed!



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