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Admitting Terror

In 2001, New Times reporter Bob Norman showed in a series of stories that the 9/11 bombers had entered the country illegally. This action, which had historic consequences, was caused by incompetent immigration officials and, more nefariously, a profit-hungry airline industry.

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  1. Admitting Terror
    The immigration service's own describe how America failed to protect its borders from the September 11 terrorists.
  2. Admitting Terror, Part 2
    Bob Norman
  3. Admitting Terror, Part 3
    Bob Norman
    Florida INS director Dan Cadman fooled Congress; then his bosses promoted him.
  4. Admitting Terror, Part 4
    Bob Norman
    The INS's Mary Schneider warned of the terrorist threat, but nobody listened.
  5. Admitting Terror, Part 5
    When terrorists knock, the INS is more than likely to fall down on the job.
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